FAQ – questions and answers

Can the re.mo.bic. Can a bicycle pump be integrated into every bicycle?

Yes. You can integrate the re.mo.bic. bicycle pump into every bicycle regardless of the brand, type or frame size.

How does the pump work?
How do I integrate the re.mo.bic. bike pump into the bike?
Dismantle the existing seat post, dismantle the saddle and mount it on the new seat post with integrated pump. Insert the seat post with integrated pump into the bike frame and clamp it at any seat height just like the old seat post!
How long does the integration take?

A maximum of 15 minutes is required for inexperienced people; if you are not sure, please hire a specialist bicycle dealer to replace the device!

How big and how heavy is the pump?

Seat post with integrated air pump – 565 grams
Seat post length 350mm / 400mm possible on request

Is the pumping capacity the same as with a conventional bicycle pump?

The pumping power is much more efficient, faster and more comfortable due to the relative up and down movement while standing with the saddle!

Is the hose long enough for the front and rear wheels?

The spiral hose is 2 meters long and easily reaches both bicycle valves!

Does the bicycle pump have to be taken out of the frame again when inflating?

No, please read the instructions for use. But the seat post with integrated pump is for the most part self-explanatory!

Will my existing saddle fit on the pump?

Yes, this is a standardized size so that every saddle fits!

How can I measure the diameter of the seat post that I have to specify when ordering?

With a caliper or a ruler or if you are unsure, please ask your specialist dealer!

What is included in the delivery when ordering?
  • Seat post with integrated air pump
  • Saddlebag with integrated spiral hose and valve adapter suitable for all valves
How long is the guarantee on the re.mo.bic. bike pump?

The statutory warranty period applies from the date of purchase.

Where can I get the re.mo.bic. bike pump?
  • In our online shop
  • In selected specialist shops